Our long-term project goal is to develop a social game that can eventually:

  1. Act as a fun urban design game with built-in learning opportunities.
  2. Simulate urban systems in a way that facilitates understanding.
  3. Create a richer urban development public participation experience.
  4. Provide an equity crowdfunding real estate investment platform.

Our mid-term goals include engaging the community as a nonprofit real estate developer and advisor. We’re in the formulation stage of developing fourplexes as generators of community wealth for owner-occupiers. There are some good opportunities for veterans, seniors, and investors.

Our short-term goals are to start creating content posted here as well as paid courses related to our mission. We currently have a small developer product in the works.

Additionally, if anyone wants a value per acre map, we can make one. Other GIS projects, economic gardening, or consultation is available upon request.

If you would like to help with any of these projects, please connect with us. Send an email to

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