The mission of Urban Prosperity Network is to empower local communities toward long-term prosperity.

In practice, we see individuals, communities, and economies as interdependent. Cities are the original wicked problem we work on.

Our scope is local community and economic development. That includes city and community finance, affordable housing, incremental development, research and analysis, and support for generational community and wealth development.

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UTD Master Plan

Rezoning for Student Housing near UT Dallas

The image above is an image from UT Dallas’ Master Plan. The subject parcel of this post is specifically designated “Potential Future Acquisition”. Yesterday was a City Planning Commission meeting to consider whether a landowner will be able to build off-campus student housing nearby UT Dallas. Normally it sounds boring and fairly straightforward. Not this […]

Realigning a Toastmasters District

As a fun side project, I decided to write some code to realign my Toastmasters district. I’m also on the realignment committee so the project will hopefully get some real-world use. For reference, I’ve posted the code here on GitHub: The technical details for implementing it are there. Here, I wanted to reflect on […]