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  • Realigning a Toastmasters District

    Realigning a Toastmasters District

    As a fun side project, I decided to write some code to realign my Toastmasters district. I’m also on the realignment committee so the project will hopefully get some real-world use. For reference, I’ve posted the code here on GitHub: The technical details for implementing it are there. Here, I wanted to reflect on […]

  • More Building Models and Maps

    More Building Models and Maps

    I’ve gone through a couple more iterations of building types and now the maps. I’ve also started working on the next version of the mechanics and rules. One of the central challenges of the game is to integrate community well-being with economic development. That’s essentially internalizing an externality. In other words, recognizing a systemic value […]

  • Prototyping Game Building Types with 3D Printing

    Prototyping Game Building Types with 3D Printing

    For the game I’m developing, I’m prototyping a selection of the different building types available from the Missing Middle housing types. There is also Missing Middle retail building types: I’m trying to capture the essence of these dynamics in the game. I’m partial toward fourplexes for a number of reasons I wrote about earlier. Accessory […]

  • Fourplexes and Flexibility

    Fourplexes and Flexibility

    Fourplexes have many advantages for communities and their residents. Some of the advantages, when compared generally to single-family on the same parcel size, are: Higher property values and tax income Promote the density needed for retail investment and therefore walkability Great first-time investor owner-occupied opportunities (aka house hacking) Consolidated maintenance Can be financed through single-family […]

  • How to Get Started as a Real Estate Developer

    How to Get Started as a Real Estate Developer

    Toward the end of a previous post, I briefly mentioned the concept of the minimum viable developer and first projects. I want to focus and expand on that concept for any who are looking to get started as a real estate developer. Every developer or investor I have heard or read about started as some […]